Anabolic steroids: pros and cons

Anabolic steroids – drugs that have received an incredible distribution today.

Anabolic steroids courses are used by weightlifters, powerlifters, bodybuilders and athletes in many other areas to improve athletic performance. The results of achievements with the use of sports pharmacology are actively discussed in forums, athletes share achievements and develop ideal programs. Every beginning bodybuilder is already thinking about what to buy anabolic steroids. But at the same time absolutely every athlete heard about the dangers of the use of anabolic steroids. So is there a real danger? Are all steroids harmful? Or are there safe anabolic steroids? Is it possible to achieve good results without harm to health?

Experts in the field of sports pharmacology have been studying these drugs for many decades. Of course, it is impossible to call harmless androgenic anabolic steroids. They have a fairly extensive list of side effects. But the side effects are inherent in absolutely all drugs: antibiotics, and drugs for pressure. Why is there so much controversy around them?

What is the true danger of steroids?

Steroid drugs in sport have been used for more than half a century. During this time, the list of anabolic steroids has increased significantly. Manufacturing companies produce new anabolic steroids. Around the world, millions of people use such drugs to improve athletic performance, to quickly build muscle. If these drugs really were so dangerous, there would have been talk of hundreds and thousands of deaths of athletes. But while the knowledge of athletes about the effects of anabolic steroids often remains on the verge of myths and reality.

Proponents of the ban on the use of anabolic steroids base their idea on the fact that such drugs completely destroy the reproductive system, disrupt the normal production of hormones, and have a very negative effect on the liver, heart, blood vessels, and nervous system. But such effects are openly described in the instructions for absolutely every steroid drug. And they arise with prolonged abuse of significantly overestimated dosages. None of the drug manufacturers do not position as safe. Both doctors and professional athletes who have been using anabolic for decades definitely recommend thoroughly

be examined before the start of the use of drugs, not to base their choice solely on the facts of the price and experience of other athletes. Each organism is individual, and if an athlete plans to start taking anabolic steroids while maintaining health, he carefully studies the effect of each drug, combinations, side effects, recommended dosages and begins a system reception only after medical consultation. It is very important to competently approach the issue of choosing a particular drug . There are different types of anabolic steroids. Some are designed exclusively for experienced athletes, others are better suited to beginners. There are prolonged forms, and there are short-range ones. There are drugs that give rapid weight gain, and there are those that increase the mass slightly, but they perfectly increase muscle strength and endurance. Therefore, the choice of the drug depends on the goals, as well as on the initial level of sports training and experience in the use of doping agents.

The use of anabolic steroids is accompanied by a certain risk.

No one can deny it. However, an athlete may well minimize the negative effects of drugs on health. The most important factor in the safe use of steroids – compliance with dosages. Very often, an athlete expects to see an unrealistically fast growth of muscles, and when the speed of the process is not so overwhelming, he begins to increase the dosage of the drug at times. This is the most important mistake in the use of steroids, which led to the number of disputes about the feasibility of their use. A lot of combined courses, drugs of a protective nature (for example, aromatase inhibitors) have been developed, which allows to achieve a good effect, while not significantly exceeding the dosage.

If an athlete cherishes his health, the question of the use of anabolic steroids, reviews of which both have and start the course immediately, he must be taken responsibly. Absolutely all athletes know that to achieve results of the level of world champions without anabolic steroids is impossible. And one sports nutrition is not enough. But observance of the well-known simple rules will allow to achieve excellent sports results, to have a pumped up body without damage to health.