Do you need steroids?

Do you need steroids to gain muscle mass, their benefits and harms, the most powerful drugs

Have you heard about the terrible consequences of using anabolic steroids to gain muscle mass from familiar athletes or read online and are afraid to use them? This article is about it. Steroids are good for people who know how to use them. More infromation you may see here.

Do it right. Thousands of articles and books have been written about the dangers of these funds, films and videos have been made, but even today the topic of the use of “dishonest tricks” in sports doesn’t give rest to amateurs who quickly get pumped up without unnecessarily straining.

Many professional athletes, bodybuilders would not have achieved even half of the success that they have now, without the use of special preparations. If the choice to resort to the help of “chemistry” is made consciously, the athlete needs to find the least traumatic organism options.

Steroids for gaining muscle mass

Anabolic steroids or, in abbreviated terms, steroids (anabolic steroids) are artificially created drugs that trigger muscle growth and increase in strength, by increasing the production of sex hormones and the accumulation of nitrogen in muscle tissue.

These drugs are used and manufactured by medicine for peaceful purposes – for the treatment of testicular cancer, when changing sex, when the pituitary gland breaks down during puberty, to restore muscles after atrophy caused by prolonged immobility. In these cases, the amount of testosterone taken varies from 2.5 to 400 mg, taken in courses of 4-6 weeks.

Athletes often abuse chemistry, combine several drugs so that they get 20-2000 mg of the hormone per day.

Consider the harmful aspects of taking anabolic steroids:
Inhibition of the function of hormone production by the body – with a high concentration of testosterone in the blood, the glands stop its production. With a lot of abuse, this is fraught with complete atrophy of the glands (testicles).

The toxic effect of some anabolic steroids on the liver, its destruction, degeneration, adenoma.
An increase in the mammary glands in men (gynecomastia) is manifested by an increase in the production of the female sex hormone, estrogen, by some drugs.

Skin rashes – acne, acne, as drugs provoke an increased secretion of sebum.
Elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood – leading to atherosclerosis, blockage of blood vessels, cardiac arrest, thrombosis, heart attack, ventricular hypertrophy of the heart, high pressure, kidney disease.

Inhibition of brain abilities, the brain decreases in volume – the mechanism is not fully understood.
Aggressive behavior, depression.

The acquisition of male features by the female body is a coarse voice, atrophy of the genital organs and breasts, a change in the features of the face in the direction of masculinity (dislocation).
Testicular atrophy, prostate hypertrophy, temporary infertility.

If such side effects at a particular stage in the lives of athletes are not frightening, then they are more important than the “beneficial” effect of anabolic steroids:

Increased endurance, strength and lean muscle mass
Accelerated metabolism, drying, weight loss occurs faster
Reduction of time and labor costs to increase sports performance, weight – up to 8-15 kg for a 1.5-month course.

  • Accelerated muscle recovery, healing of injuries
  • Strengthen the ligaments
  • Analgesic effect, for example, with arthritis
  • Suppressing the production of stress hormone

In pharmacies, drugs are sold only according to prescriptions and doctor’s prescriptions, but in modern realities we all know: he who seeks always finds. Therefore, the responsibility to your health for the choice in favor of chemicals in order to become more beautiful or win at competitions, lies entirely on the athlete.

How to choose steroids?

Steroids are oral and injected. Oral are more convenient, but also more harmful – the pills additionally strike the athlete’s liver, among other things, harm. If injections are used at home, there is a high risk of infection (with poor sterilization of the skin) and an overdose risk.
Many different top 10 anabolic steroids have been compiled for gaining muscle mass, below is summarized summary information on specific active ingredients of preparations. Selection criteria – popularity among athletes.