Are Steroids Worth the Risk?

Many athletes want to have a beautiful relief body

To do this, they are engaged in regular strength training and cardio loads. Often, however, to achieve a quick result, sporting exercises alone may not be enough. Some athletes and bodybuilders prefer to use sports nutrition, which over time helps to increase the effect of training and will accelerate the desired result. Those who want to build muscle mass as quickly as possible, resort to steroids for help.


Anabolic steroids are a kind of chemicals that can significantly accelerate the production of protein in the cells of our body. This leads to a rapid increase in lean body mass. These drugs are taken both in bodybuilding and in professional sports as doping. They help not only pump up muscles, but take an active part in restoring the body and increasing endurance of an athlete during measurement training.

The history of anabolic steroids begins in the mid-twentieth century. It was then that in 1935 a group of scientists conducted numerous experiments on the effects of doping on dogs. In the course of this, they managed to find out that steroids are able to quickly increase the muscles of animals without additional physical exertion. Within a few years after this, experts approved steroids as drugs that athletes and bodybuilders can use. The result was not long in coming – many athletes in the shortest possible time acquired a pumped body, great strength and endurance.

However, a few years later, repeated studies were conducted, during which it was proved that steroids can adversely affect human health. Then they officially became banned in any sport without exception. And until now, the use of steroids is clearly monitored and prohibited in any competition.

It should also be noted that steroids were developed primarily for medical purposes. Scientists have tried to prove that these drugs can prevent muscle atrophy in astronauts, as well as stimulate an increase in muscle mass and endurance in military people. In addition, with their help, it was supposed to increase the mass of animals that were subsequently sent for slaughter.

There are several rules for taking anabolic steroids

In order to get a positive result as much as possible, the drug should be taken for at least nine weeks.

It is not recommended to use anabolic steroids in the form of tablets, because they can have a negative impact on the gastrointestinal tract and internal organs. Therefore, in order to build muscle, it is better to use steroids in the form of injections.

As soon as you notice that muscle tissue has increased significantly, it is necessary to immediately reduce the daily dose of the drug at least twice. This will allow you not to lose the effect, but to avoid overdose of the drug.

As soon as you assume that after a few weeks you need to completely withdraw from the use of steroids, to begin with (at least one month before completion) you will need to completely eliminate highly androgenic steroids.

You should be very careful with the use of steroids, because they cause severe harm to our and your body. Many say that after taking one course of the drug, a quick rollback occurs – the loss of a large number of pounds gained. This is explained by the fact that, by taking this supplement, a person goes beyond the framework of his body constitution. Therefore, it is logical that as soon as the drug ceases to enter the body, the shape of the body will return to its previous appearance. If you decide to take steroids, you must carefully study this topic and familiarize yourself with all the intricacies of these drugs. The main rule that should be followed by anyone who wants to quickly build muscle mass is to carefully calculate the dose that will protect you from overdose with the supplement.


The principle of steroids can be explained quite simply. The molecule of this substance is very similar to the testosterone molecule. Like it, it is able to quickly penetrate the cell membrane. After that, she is looking for a receptor that perfectly matches her structure. Further, the drug has an impact on a small section of DNA, which in turn is able to trigger the production of a particular enzyme for a rapid increase in muscles.

The main principle of operation of all steroids is the stimulation of the anabolic functions of the tissues and cells of our body. As a result of this exposure, an increased dose of proteins, carbohydrates and enzymes begins to be actively produced in our body. Thus, athletes manage to form new tissues and significantly increase the ability of cells to absorb protein, which is the main building material of muscles.

In addition, anabolic steroids are able to produce testosterone, which is It is an important growth hormone in the male body. Thanks to him, very soon after taking the drug, a significant increase in muscle is observed. In addition to all of the above, steroids can block the process of destruction of muscle tissue (catabolism). In view of their features, these drugs are recommended to use special courses. The amount of time is calculated depending on the specific organism and the types of anabolic steroids that the athlete will use.


There is a fairly large number of various anabolic steroids. Currently, on the shelves of stores you can find drugs in the form of: tablets, injections, ointments, patches, etc. However, the most popular variations of this drug are steroids of the first type. The tablet form of the drug is differently called oral anabolic steroids. They are considered to be one of the most dangerous types of this substance, since they can adversely affect the functioning of internal organs, especially the liver, which cannot cope with the digestion of such tablets. This also includes steroids, which are sold in the form of capsules. Their main advantage over the tablet form is that the capsules are able to be absorbed much faster in the body.

The second type of anabolic steroids is injections. Their peculiarity is that they get inside our body through absorption into the blood. In order to enter the drug, it is necessary to make an injection. This type of drugs has many advantages over the same pills. In addition to the fact that it does not have a negative impact on the work of internal organs and systems, it is also able to digest and begin its action much faster. This is because the body does not spend the time and effort to digest the substance. It goes directly into the blood, where it immediately starts its action. However, if the previous version is completely painless, the disadvantage of this is that such injections are many athletes refuse to do because of the strong pain from the injection.

That is why they are not so popular among beginners who are wary of injections, preferring tablets or capsules. In addition, the cost of the injectable form is much more expensive than the tablet form, and the side effects are the same (except for the absence of a load on the liver). It is quite difficult to buy one or another type of steroid. Most often they can be found in a pharmacy and in specialized stores of sports nutrition, however, in order to purchase a particular product, you may be required to receive a certificate from your doctor. Since these drugs are considered potent, they are strictly forbidden to let go. Therefore, making the decision to choose for yourself anabolic streoids, you risk that you simply will not sell it.