Anabolic steroids


The latter causes male sexual characteristics: abundant hair, a low voice and great muscle strength. It speeds up protein synthesis in the muscles and reduces the amount of cortisol, allowing the person to exercise longer. They are also used to preserve muscle fibers while drying the body.

Note! A woman’s body also produces testosterone. He is responsible for the strength of bones, skin condition and even a good mood.

With the help of steroids athlete incredibly accelerates the metabolism, which is so necessary for the construction of new tissues.

Forms of release of drugs

Anabolics are taken by mouth or by injection. Depending on this, they are available in tablets, syrups, bottles, or ampoules. A little about the form of admission:

Oral Convenient, but toxic – “sits” the liver. In addition, some people simply do not tolerate injections.
Injection. A less pleasant, but more effective form of steroids. The result appears within a few days after use.
Positive properties of anabolic steroids
What effect does an athlete get that uses anabolics? Significant. With their help, you can increase the effectiveness of training 3-4 times:

The rapid growth of muscle tissue. Anabolics increase protein synthesis, muscles grow like yeast. Of course, only with intense workouts and a protein diet.
Increase physical strength. Strength characteristics grow due to the same as the muscles. Due in part to an increase in physical strength, weight gain occurs.
Increase stamina. Anabolics reduce the production of cartosol and increase the production of creatine phosphate. Thanks to this training can last several times longer.
Dullness of inflammatory processes. Reduces pain in the joints, allowing you to train, despite it (a dubious advantage).
Reducing body fat. Fatty acids begin to be used for energy production during strength exercises.

All these effects are especially attractive in bodybuilding. Anabolics allow athletes to gain substantial muscle mass and help burn fat.

Side effects of anabolic steroids
As a rule, athletes are not inclined to openly talk about the side effects of anabolic steroids. However, we know enough about this. Many products affect the skin, reproductive function, sexual characteristics, blood vessels and the heart and liver.

More about the backstage
People who abuse drugs, there is:

Mood changes. A person may feel inadequately happy or vice versa – get depressed.
Problems with the epidermis. Swelling and acne occur on the skin.

Liver dysfunction. Often develop swollen liver.

Increased estrogen production. Leads to breast augmentation – not desirable for men. You can reduce the production only with the help of other (anti-estrogenic) steroids – Tamoxifen Nolvadex.
Heart and blood vessel problems. Steroid anabolic steroids increase blood volume, “bad” cholesterol, and increase blood pressure. The risk of heart attack and coronary heart disease increases.
Drug addiction. Many anabolics are addictive, a strong physiological and psychological dependence is silent.
Reproductive dysfunction. For men, this means a decrease in sperm production by the testicles and infertility, for women – a decrease in the mammary glands and problems with the menstrual cycle.

Note! Also, women get other unpleasant effects: a lot of body hair, coarsening of the voice, actual breast reduction due to breast reduction.

Steroid victims

Many bodybuilding stars have become victims of steroids. Some used doping to gain muscle mass quickly, some used to reduce inflammation and increase stamina. Here are just a few well-known bodybuilders who suffered because of dangerous drugs:

Ray McNeil is a bodybuilder from Jamaica, a member of Olympia and a steroid lover. He was shot by his wife when he was in a fit of “steroid rage.” A state in which a person does not control himself. At trial, it became clear that Ray regularly beat his wife and forced her into perverted sex.

Mike Menzer is a medalist at the Mr. Athletics and Mr. Olympia competitions. The bodybuilder’s heart was emaciated by steroids. “Finished” a man with morphine, which Mike took to drown out constant pain. The cause of death is a heart attack.

Andreas Münzer – “a man without skin.” He became famous for the most dried figure among bodybuilders of the 90s. Often starred in advertising sports nutrition and posed for social events. Steroid and diuretic drugs led to liver failure, dehydration, zero immunity and diseases of the cardiovascular system. Died from internal bleeding.

Anabolic Classification

Despite the fact that in everyday speech we mean anabolic steroids, this group includes all drugs that increase protein synthesis in the body (including nonsteroidal). PMore about what they are and what they are, we’ll talk below. Non-steroid anabolic steroids Non-steroid anabolic steroids are part of any sports nutrition. These are amino acids, vitamins and nootropics. They improve metabolism, contribute to the rapid recovery of muscle tissue and its build-up. Popular nonsteroidal anabolics are: Ecdisten – contains the active ingredient, Lavseya is safflower. It is made on the basis of natural, natural components.

Carnityl hydrochloride – stimulates protein synthesis, accelerates muscle regeneration, increases mental alertness (often prescribed for Alzheimer’s disease). Safinor – is used for exhaustive physical exertion and training in the mountains. The pharmaceutical preparation is made on the basis of a medicinal plant – Aralia Manchu. Yes, compared with steroid anabolic, nonsteroid act very poorly. But they are more likely to benefit than harm to your health. The side effect is most often limited to allergies. Some prophylactic and medication can be attributed to nonsteroidal anabolic steroids. For example, methionine, boehmitil or vitrum antioxidant.

The latter contains vitamins A, C, E, beta-karatin, zinc oxide, etc. Pay attention! If there are vitamins in the preparation, this does not make it safe! For example, neyrurubin, which includes important vitamins of group B, has a lot of contraindications. The tool is used to reduce pain symptoms and neuralgia. Drugs with metabolic effectsK this category includes drugs that affect the metabolism, energy production and chemical transformations associated with them. These include: Metformin (used in medicine for diabetics). It increases receptor sensitivity to insulin and speeds up the process of glucose consumption by muscles. Also contributes to the oxidation of fatty acids, suppresses hunger and the synthesis of fats. Therefore, it is often used for weight loss.

Triiodothyronine is a preparation containing a synthesized analogue of the thyroid gland hormone – hydrochloride. Accelerates protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism, leads to weight loss. The medicine is often used by fitness models to look thin without counting calories every day. Saltos (saltoz) – increases body temperature and speeds up metabolism. Attention! Accepted for the treatment of asthma, may trigger the development of diabetes. Some drugs and substances belong to sports pharmacology, but do not have an anabolic effect: asparkam, vinpocetine, trimetazine (trimetazidine), calcium glycerophosphate, cytomac or cytochrome c, riboxin or inosine, pentoxysyll more.Such drugs can help in training and recovery after them, but are not directly related to an increase in muscle mass. Most often taken with anabolic steroids and sports supplements.

Pay attention!

The use of pharmaceutical anabolic steroids and medicines has a lot of side effects. Many of them are not sold without a prescription and are considered doping (prohibited for use in competitions). For example, clenbuterol or mildronate. Anabolic steroids Doping drugs that are made on the basis of the synthesized male hormone – testosterone (more precisely, its analogues). They cause numerous side effects, which we wrote about above. Among them: Winstrol, Sustanon, nandrolone, methandrostenolone and others. Pay attention! We understand that the media “demonize” the image of steroids. Of course, in reality, things are not so bad. However, it is impossible to deny their negative impact on the human body.

How to cleanse the body after a course of steroids? To overcome addiction, minimize and prevent side effects from the course of steroids, you need to cleanse the body. The process will take you 4-6 weeks (depending on how long you took them). We’re getting off the needle We’ll say right away that you will not be able to stop taking steroids in one second. This is fraught with even more serious hormonal disorders, physiological and psychological problems. Proceed as follows: Slowly begin to get rid of highly androgenic (strong) steroids. For 3-4 weeks, completely eliminate them by switching to lighter analogues. For the next 3-4 weeks, try to get rid of soft drugs. Begin to use Proviron. Take a course of gonadotropin to restore the function of the testicles.

After – a course of primobolana. Do not refuse protein shakes and protein foods during the termination of the course of steroids. On the contrary, increase protein intake. We restore the work of the liver. Hepatoprotectors will help us with this: Essentiale Forte, Legalon or Carsil, Hepathostan, etc. To normalize the liver, you can eat pumpkin seeds and artichokes. In homeopathic preparations for the normalization of the liver, there are cassia, celandine, cinchona, yarrow and much more. So, do not use any homeopathic preparations, nor what they are made of. Pay attention! SteThe dilution stump of the active ingredient in a homeopathic remedy is so large that it simply does not work. And many medicinal plants have undesirable effects.

The same yarrow increases the likelihood of blood clots. This is generally inappropriate for a person who has just taken steroids. We restore the cardiovascular system. To restore the cardiovascular system we need cardioprotectors: lipoflavone, quercetin, corvitin, vitamins C and E, potassium and magnesium. Cardioprotectors regulate the flow of oxygen in the myocardium. Their effectiveness is small, the course is very long (ranging from a few months). Partially normalize the state of the circulatory system will help maralium root or Levzeya safflower. The legal form of anabolic steroids There are many pharmacological drugs that increase endurance and accelerate muscle growth.

Stimulates insulin production, is assigned to diabetics. Used in bodybuilding as a nonsteroidal anabolic. Acceptable dosage – 30 mg. Agapurin. Improves microcirculation in muscle tissue, dilates blood vessels. Contraindicated in heart disease, heart attack or susceptibility to it. Liv 52 – has anabolic and anti-inflammatory effect, reduces the likelihood of side effects from taking other drugs (according to the manufacturer). Alvesin – stimulates protein metabolism, contains amino acids: arginine, alamine, aspartic acid , glutamic acid, etc. Tips for beginnersDo not buy drugs that are not used in sports pharmacology officially. Be careful about the means that can make changes in hormones, disrupt the balance of androgen and estrogen. Corticosteroids do not apply to them. They contain hormones produced by the adrenal cortex. Completely discard the products that contain testosterone ester. Instead, it is better to use herbs that are “natural” anabolic. For example, a golden root or a radiogram pink. If you have firmly decided to use steroid anabolics, use “soft” drugs. For example, Nandrolone. It is relatively safe and has virtually no side effects, while respecting the dosage.